What is the Gibson County Chamber of Commerce

The Gibson County Chamber of Commerce is an association of businesses and people concerned about IMPROVING Gibson County and WILLING to actively do something to achieve that goal.

The Chamber’s strength lies in its membership base. Both large and small businesses from virtually every profession in Gibson County have been represented. The diversity influences the direction of the Chamber’s many programs. All programs are financed by membership and investments in the Chamber. Thus, OUR MEMBERS ARE THE CHAMBER. More members in the chamber means it can better represent the business community. It accomplishes collectively what no one business can do alone.

What the Chamber is Not

The Chamber is not a department of the city, county, or state government. Nor do we receive annual funding from any of those bodies. The chamber is not a political body or a civic club. This is a popular misconception about the chamber.

How Does the Gibson County Chamber of Commerce Function?

The Gibson County Chamber of Commerce has a Board of Directors elected from its membership. We also have a Executive Director and an Office Manager to take care of the members on a daily basis. We combine our committees and administrative recommendations to administer chamber activities and policy.

In order to carry on these efforts, the Chamber solicits broad based community support from individuals and area businesses. Your membership in the Chamber is important and a vote of confidence in our community.
If you would like information about chamber membership we would be happy to speak to you. Contact us at 812-385-2134 or office@gibsoncountychamber.org