Rules & Eligibility

All contestants must meet the following eligibility rules. These requirements may be changed by The Chamber and/or its sponsors at its sole discretion.

  1. Must be thirteen (13) years or older by August 1, 2018. If under eighteen (18) it is required that a parent or guardian accompany you to the auditions.
  2. No original songs, but songs from different genre are encouraged.
  3. If any behavior deems negatively on the competition, The Gibson County Chamber of Commerce or its sponsors, the contestant may be asked to leave.
  4. “Come dressed to impress.” This will be a family event please wear appropriate attire.
  5. Application deadline will be August 5, 2018 anyone who registers late will not be eligible for the consolation prizes.
  6. Those who advance to the final round, may be subject to a background check.
  7. All expenses to and from the Best One Voice competition are the responsibility of the contestant.
  8. Best One Voice is in no way affiliated with “The Voice” or any other talent competition. The Chamber nor its sponsors make any guarantee of or assumption of, the contestant’s acceptance or eligibility to “The Voice” competition. Furthermore, winning the Best One Voice competition does not create, implied or otherwise, any advantage over other contestants competing in The Voice television show.
  9. The winner of Best One Voice competition will receive an expense paid trip to an open call audition; however one’s performance in this competition does not prohibit or exclude contestants from applying to “The Voice” competition.